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Jiangsu Haohan Sapphire Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the branch of Jiangsu Nengjian Group . After 30 years rapid growth since the foundation in 1984, Jiangsu Nengjian Group has covered the finacial industry , real estate development,4-tar hotel, steel pipe ,special Aluminum,medical equipment, electromechanical products . Jiangsu Haohan Sapphire Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 with the registered capital of 6.5 billion dolors . Our products covered sapphire Kyropoulos growth furnaces with the corporation of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics,the Chinese Academy of Sciences .Except the growth furnace, we also can growth sapphire ingot with KY method,and provide our customers many different kinds of sapphire windows,sapphire wafers,sapphire optic lens,sapphire rod, sapphire tube,sapphire filament according to our customer's requirements.....
n order to meet the growing demand of optics industry and perform competently in the face of future challenges, “Haohan Sapphire” devoted to continuously developing its capability of delivering to customers, we set our branch factory in the city of Urumqi Xinjiang, because of the lower tax , electricity charges, and other lower cost and privileges to enhance our competitions in price and quality .
The growth furnace equipment is produced by ourselves , and sapphire crystal growth in the lower cost region, and we grow the sapphire crystals ourselves ,based on that , we are sure if you send inquiry , we are able to provide you lowest price but high quality ,because all of the links are sel-control.
Here at Haohan Sapphire , we value comity, integrity, honesty, and innovation. Our mission is to be your dependable partner to help you in growth.


It is our belief ─“ creating value for customer, cooperation and mutual benefit

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Lithium Triborate (LiB3O5 , LBO)


Lithium Triborate (LiB3O5 or LBO) is an excellent nonlinear optical crystal discovered and  developed by FIRSM, CAS (Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences). Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. (CASTECH)has the exclusive rights to produce, manufacture and market the patented LBO crystal and its NLO devices. The patent number is 4,826,283 in USA, 2023845 in Japan and 88 1 02084.2 in China.

CASTECH's LBO is featured by 

•   broad transparency range from 160nm to 2600nm (see Figure 1);
•   high optical homogeneity (dn»10-6/cm) and being free of inclusion;
•   relatively large effective SHG coefficient (about three times that of KDP);
•   high damage threshold;
•   wide acceptance angle and small walk-off;
•   type I and type II non-critical phase matching (NCPM) in a wide wavelength range;
•   spectral NCPM near 1300nm.

CASTECH offers LBO of 

•   strict quality control;
•   large crystal size up to 30x30x30mm3 and maximum length of 60mm;
•   AR-coating, mounts and re-polishing services;
•   a large quantity of  crystals in stock;
•   fast delivery(10 days for polished only, 15 days for AR-coated).



Beta-Barium Borate (β-BaB2O4,BBO)

Beta-Barium Borate (b-BaB2O4 or BBO), discovered and developed by FIRSM, CAS (Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences), now is manufactured and marketed by Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. (CASTECH). The high-quality crystal boule is steadily available from CASTECH, who holds specialized proprietary techniques (flux-method) of the BBO crystal growth.

CASTECH’s BBO is featured by  

•   Broad phase matchable range from 409.6 nm to 3500 nm;
•   Wide transmission region from 190 nm to 3500 nm;
•   Large effective second-harmonic-generation (SHG) coefficient about 6 times greater than that of KDP
•   High damage threshold;
•   High optical homogeneity with dn »10-6/cm;
•   Wide temperature-bandwidth of about 55°C.

CASTECH offers BBO of

• Strict quality control;
• Crystal length from 0.02mm to 25mm and size up to 15x15x15 mm3;
• P-coatings, AR-coatings, mounts and re-polishing services;
• A large quantity of crystals in stock
• Fast delivery (10 days for polished only,15 days for AR-coated).

Basic Properites of BBO


Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO4,KTP)

Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO3 or KTP) is widely used in both commercial and military lasers including laboratory and medical systems, range-finders, lidar, optical communication and industrial systems.

CASTECH's KTP is featured by 

•   Large nonlinear optical coefficient
•   Wide angular bandwidth and small walk-off angle
•   Broad temperature and spectral bandwidth
•   High electro-optic coefficient and low dielectric constant
•   Large figure of merit
•   Nonhydroscopic, chemically and mechanically stable

CASTECH offers

· Strict quality control
· large crystal size up to 20x20x40mm3 and maximum length of 60mm;
· Quick delivery(2 weeks for polished only, 3 weeks for coated)
· Unbeatable price and quantity discount
· Technical support
· AR-coating, mounting and re-polishing service


Potassium Titanyle Arsenate(KTiOAsO4, KTA)

Potassium Titanyle Arsenate(KTiOAsO4), or KTA crystal, is an excellent nonlinear optical crystal for Optical Parametric Oscillation (OPO) application. It has better non-linear optical and electro-optical coefficients, significantly reduced absorption in the 2.0-5.0 µm region, broad angular and temperature bandwidth, low dielectric constants. And its low ionic conductivities   result in higher damage threshold compared with KTP .

Crystal length from 0.1mm to 30mm and size up to 15x15x30mm
AR-coating from visible to 3300nm
Re-polishing, re-coating service
Fast delivery(10 working days for polished only, 15 working days for AR-coated)
BiB3O6 (BIBO) Crystal

BIBO( BiB3O6) is a newly developed nonlinear Optical Crystal. It possesses large effective nonlinear coeffcient,high damage threshold and inertness with respect to moisture.Its nonlinear coefficient is 3.5-4 times higher than that of LBO,1.5-2 times higher than that of BBO. It is a promising doubling crystal to produce blue laser.The top-seeded solution growth (TSSG) technique is used at CASTECH for the growth of BIBO single crystals.

CASTECH offers

  • Strict quality control;
  • Large crystal size up to 10x10x15mm3
  • AR-coating,mounts and repolishing services;
  • Fast delivery


LiNbO3 Crystal is widely used as frequency doublers for wavelength > 1μm and optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) pumped at 1064 nm and quasi-phase-matched (QPM) devices. Additionally due to its large Electro-Optic(E-O) and Acousto-Optic(A-O) coefficients,, LiNbO3 is the most commonly used material for Pockel Cells,Q-switches and phase nodulators,waveguide substrate,and surface acoustic wave (SAW) wafers,etc.CASTECH can provide high quality and large size LiNbO3 crystals for all of these applications.

Magnesium Doped Lithium Niobate MgO:LiNbO3 
Compared with LiNbO3 crystal,MgO:LiNbO3 crystal exhibits its particular advantages for NCPM frequency doubling (SHG) of Nd:Lasers ,mixing (SFG) and optical parametric oscillators (OPOs).The SHG efficiencies of over 65% for pulsed Nd:YAG lasers and 45% for CW Nd:YAG lasers have been achieved in MgO:LiNbO3crystals,respectively,MgO:LiNbO3 is also g good crystal for optical parametric oscillators(OPOs) and amplifiers (OPAs),quasi-phase-matched doublers and integrated waveguide.

MgO:LiNbO3 is characerized by:

  • High damage threshold.
  • Noncritical phase matching(NCPM)at room temperature
  • Broad transparency range
  • Excellent E-O and NLO properties
  • Good mechanical and chemical properties

MgO:LiNbO3 has similar effective nonlinear coefficients to pure LiNbO3 Its Sellmeier equations (for 5mo1% MgO dopant) are((λ i n um):
no2=4.8762+0.11554 / (λ2-0.04674 ) -0.033119 x λ2

ne2=4.5469+0.094779 / (λ2-0.04439) -0.026721 x λ2

Different dimensions of MgO:LiNbO3 with high quality are available from CASTECH. The AR coating is also available upon request.


Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) and Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate (DKDP or KD*P) 

Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) and Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate (KD*P ) are among the most widely-used commercial NLO materials, characterized by good UV transmission, high damage threshold, and high birefringence, though their NLO coefficients are relatively low. They are usually used for doubling, tripling and quadrupling of a Nd:YAG laser at the room temperature. In addition, they are also excellent electro-optic crystals with high electro-optic coefficients, widely used as electro-optical modulators, such as Q-switches, Pockels Cells, etc.

CASTECH’s KDP & KD*P products

CASTECH supplies high quality KDP and KD*P crystals in large quantities for these applications. Because their polished surfaces are easier to be moistened, however, the user is advised to provide a dry condition (<50%) and the sealed housing for preservation. For this purpose, Castech also provides polishing and sealed housing services for the KDP family crystals. Our engineers will serve you to select and design the best crystal, according to the laser parameters you provide.

Basic Properties





Chemical Formula



Transparency Range



Nonlinear Coefficients



Refractive index (at 1064nm)

no=1.4938, ne=1.4599

No=1.4948, ne=1.4554

Electro-optical Coefficients




Longitudinal half-wave voltage:






Optical damage threshold:

>5 GW/cm2

>3 GW/cm2

Extinction ratio:



Sellmeier equations of KDP:(λ in um)


Sellmeier equations of DKDP:(λ in um)



RTP Crystal

RTP (Rubidium Titanyle Phosphate – RbTiOPO4) is an isomorph of KTP crystal which is used in nonlinear and Electro Optical applications. It has advantages of higher damage threshold(about 1.8 times of KTP), high resistivity, high repetition rate, no hygroscopic and no induce piezo-electric effect with electrical signals up to 60 kHz. Its transmission range is 350nm to 4500nm.

                                                                          Basic Properties


Crystal structure


Cell Parameters

a = 12.96 Å; b =10.56 Å; c =6.49 Å

Mohs hardness

About 5

Density, g/cm3


Melting Point:

About 1000˚C

Thermal Expansion Coefficients (/K)


αx=1.01x10-5, αy =1.37x10-5,

αz =-4..17x10-6

Sellmeier equations(λ in um)

nx2=2.15559 + 0.93307[1-(0.20994/λ)2] - 0.01452λ2
ny2=2.38494 + 0.73603[1-(0.23891/λ)2] - 0.01583 λ2
nz2=2.27723 + 1.11030[1-(0.23454/λ)2] - 0.01995λ2

Thermo-optical coefficients (dλ/dT)

-0.029 nm / °C

Electro-optic constants(Y-cut)


r33=38.5 pm/V

r33=35 pm/V,r23=12.5 pm/V, r13=10.6 pm/V

Electrical Resistivity

About 1011-1012ohm·cm

Static Half Wave Voltage at 1064 nm


4x4x20 mm: 1,600 V
6x6x20 mm: 2,400 V
9x9x20 mm: 3,600 V

Extinction Ratio





Growing Orientation

Along Y-axis

Maximum length(5x5mm)


Length tolerance, mm

+0.5 / -0.1

Width and heighth tolerance, mm



< 30″


< 15′

Surface quality




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